Our Services

1. Health & Saftety (H & S) Manual

We provide you with an H & S Manual, compliant with the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015.

These Manuals are tailored to your unique business needs. Our Manual is printed on high quality paper (with datastick containing templates) and we work alongside you to create your ‘tailored Safe Operating Procedures” for your business equipment and a ‘tailored hazards list’.

IMPORTANT: This will reduce the time it may take you to set up these on your own – especially if you have little/no prior health & safety experience.

2. Health & Saftey Training

Our experienced staff can assist with initial set up of the Manual and can provide in-person tailored training for you – both in ‘how to’ practical H & S training/procedures required to be undertaken, and correct use of the Manual.

3. “Audit and Maintenance program” for your H & S System

The unfortunate fact is that many Health and Safety systems and tasks are not regularly done or checked. Having a good quality system in place is just the first step, and it is important that your Health & Safety System doesn’t ‘sit on the shelf’ and is actively used.

As part of our program we ‘review’ (Annually) whether your Health & Safety system is ‘up to scratch’.

This can be done after your Manual has been operating for a period of time (usually 6 months). It will give you overall reassurance that your business would pass a Worksafe inspection and will also smooth the process for annual accreditation & registration with websites such as ‘SiteWise’, ‘Hazard Co’ etc who perform assessments on your Health & Safety processes annually.

The maintenance program also includes us being on hand to answer your miscellaneous phone calls or email queries about Health & Safety during the year, and includes us being on hand for inspection/assistance if an accident occurs at your workplace.

4. Physical Site Inspections (with written report)

A systematic audit of your business site and existing H & S system – we use our special checklist to identify potential Health & Safety issues.

We make recommendations to improve your premises making the building design/signage less likely to cause accidents, reduce environmental concerns with neighbours, and highlight any other issues we become aware of in our written report.

Businesses that have a robust Health and Safety System will have reduced injuries (compared with others in a similar industry). This leads to reduced claims, and reduced ACC levies (as part of the ACC ‘Experience rating’ and ‘no claims’ system).