How We Work With You

Our charges are on an hourly rate. This rate changes from time to time (to allow for inflation, etc). Please contact us for our current hourly rate.

1. Initial training in use of the H & S Manual

Estimated training hours for most businesses is between 4 – 10 hours in total (total hours depends on how experienced you, or your staff, are already in Health & Safety, and the size of your business)

2. Audit of your H & S System

Is your H & S System working well enough to pass an inspection by Worksafe? Assistance in lodging annual accreditation with websites such as SiteWise? Do you want reassurance that your H & S staff are actively filling in forms regularly and correctly? Our audit is a check of your existing H & S system – this is set at 1 visit per year usually (although more visits could be recommended dependent on the size of your businesses).

3. Physical Site Audits – with Written Report

A physical inspection of your work site, with objective to review signage/fire safety/hazardous substance storage/height or other hazard issues/equipment issues. Your existing paper Health & Safety records are also reviewed. At the end of the visit, a written report is mailed/emailed to you summarising our recommendations for improvements. The time on this depends on the size of your business and the tidiness of your health & safety records.

4. “Lift” stopwork imposed by Worksafe (price dependent on needs)

Have you had an inspection by Worksafe? Needing help with implementing changes required? We offer a proposal to suit your needs.

5. Cut out the paperwork! “Health & Safety Software” – request a free demo

Reduce time spent filling in health & safety paperwork. We can recommend H & S software and suit it to your needs. Our free demo takes approx 30 mins and will confirm if the software will be suitable for your business (or not).